Four Sisters Take The Same Photo For 40 Years—And The Results Are Heartwarming

Trending | 4/28/21

It can sometimes feel like life is flying by and you’re not taking time out of your day to document how much you appreciate the people around you. That’s not an issue for the Brown sisters.

Photographer Nicholas Nixon, the husband to Bebe Brown, took a photo of his wife and her three sisters Heather, Mimi, and Laurie, in 1975. Instead of just stopping there, the sisters and Nixon decided to turn the family photo into a project and meet up every year for 40 years to take the same photo. I’m glad they did because these beautiful photos truly show how family is forever.

1975, The Sisters Begin Their Journey

Nixon and the Browns started off their photo journey in 1975—the year Jaws swept American film audiences off their feet. A theme in Nixon’s project that stays consistent is that he offers no caption for the photo other than the date and location.

four sisters 1975
Photo Credit: Paulo Moura / YouTube
Photo Credit: Paulo Moura / YouTube

This allows the audience to speculate about who the sisters grow up to be and where their lives take them. Here, from left to right is Heather, Mimi, Bebe, and Laurie. The sisters were (in no particular order) twenty-five, twenty-three, fifteen, and twenty-one.