The Most Unusual Mailboxes In The Neighborhood

Trending | 8/8/19

Buildings all around the world all have one thing in common. Each of them has their own mailbox. While most are standard ones that come with the place, some people choose to spice theirs up.

Mailboxes are what you make of them. Even though all they’re used for is sending and receiving mail, adding a creative design can show true originality. These are some of the most epic mailboxes that you won’t see every day. Also, if you’re looking to get some mailbox inspiration these are some perfect and unusual examples.

This Mailbox May Eat You

a yellow mailbox with an angry face drawn on
Mike Kemp/In Pictures via Getty Images
Mike Kemp/In Pictures via Getty Images

This unique yellow mailbox is located on the island of Ithaca, Greece. It may terrify nearby pedestrians due to the drawn on angry face or it may look like it will chomp off your hand when reaching inside.

It could benefit from some fixing up because of the rust at the bottom, but some may argue that the wear and tear gives it more of a grimacing quality. This design is perfect for someone that wants to give their mailbox a new look, but only has a permanent marker on hand.