Time For A Garage Sale: Collector’s Items That Aren’t Worth Keeping

Trending | 3/25/21

Collecting often begins out of love. It’s exciting to acquire a new baseball card or win the bid on a rare toy. But sometimes, we hold onto collections because we think they might hold value that could pay off later. Sadly, unless it’s something really rare, that’s not the case with the items on this list. Keep reading to help you decide if it’s time to clean out your collection.

Beanie Babies

Ty Beanie Babies are an item on this list that’s hard not to collect. Once you acquire one Beanie Baby, you’re compelled to find more. Kids enjoy the toys for what sets them apart from the rest — the ‘bean’ stuffing rather than the typical fluff you find in plush toys.

beanie baby white bear with red heart

However, in 1995, adults began collecting Beanie Babies as a financial investment, seeing the potential for high resale value. That year, the toys that were quickly flipped on eBay sold for ten times the original purchase price. But once the fad died down, so did their worth.