Lance Armstrong Exposed: The True Story Of His Gilded Life

athletes | 6/8/18

After winning a triathlon at the age of 13 and years later winning seven consecutive Tour de France races, Lance Armstrong truly was #1, but it all got taken away from him after years of lying, cheating, and bullying came to the surface. Throughout his incredible career, no one would have suspected that Armstrong would end up banned from sports and struggling to pay back millions. His mentality about the 1992 Olympic road race explains it all.

Lance Armstrong’s Fatherless Upbringing

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images
Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Lance Edward Gunderson was born on September 18, 1971, in Plano, Texas to Linda Gayle, a teenaged mother, and Eddie Gunderson, who would leave them when he was age two. After his parent’s divorce in 1973, his mother remarried to a man from whom he took his last name “Armstrong,” after being adopted by his step-father. Armstrong would never see his biological father ever again, referring to him later in life as his “DNA donor.” Armstrong would never get close to his step-father either since the abusive relationship with his mother would end in yet another divorce. Armstrong’s upbringing led him to find solace in extracurricular activities.