These Professional Athletes Served Time In The Slammer And Ruined Their Careers

athletes | 1/23/19

It’s nearly impossible to understand why some professional athletes, who seemingly have everything they could ever want, throw away their lives to be criminals. Maybe it’s the “I can do anything” young millionaire mentality, or maybe it’s just built in some people’s DNA.

The reality of the situation is that there are many athletes who are now hardened criminals. From drug traffickers to tax evaders to murderers, these athletes decided to throw their careers away when they turned to a life of crime.

Tony Alaya Jr.

Ronald Martinez /Allsport
Ronald Martinez /Allsport

When you make millions of dollars to punch people in the face, you’re probably going to be messed up at least a bit mentally. Tony Ayala Jr.’s very promising boxing career came to an abrupt end when he assaulted a woman and received a 35-year jail sentence.

He was released after only 16 years and tried to make a comeback, but ended up getting arrested again for possession of drug paraphernalia. He’s currently serving a ten-year sentence for parole violation.