Warriors Unbeatable? Here Are The NBA Retro Teams That Could Handle Golden State

basketball | 1/3/19

The Golden State Warriors from 2015 to 2019 have been incredibly fantastic teams. Many experts argue that they could very well be the top team in history, if not one of them. Up until 2017, the Warriors were already a force to be reckoned with, but then they added a healthy and surging Kevin Durant. The hatred for Durant begins, and the dominance of the team in the Bay Area only increases. The legendary Shaquille O’Neal said his 2001 Lakers would easily handle the Warriors. Steph Curry didn’t agree with his statement, but that Laker squad isn’t the one that could have defeated or at least gave the Warriors a challenge. Which teams in NBA history do you think are worthy enough to defeat present-day Golden State?

Here are our picks, see if you agree!

2013 Miami Heat

2013 miami heat

The 2013 season was Dwayne Wade’s third championship outing and LeBron James’ second- the Miami Heat had a loaded team. Mike Miller, Rashard Lewis, and Ray Allen coming off the bench meant this Heat squad had almost as much shooting prowess as the Warriors do.

Throw in LeBron James at his prime with a healthy Chris Bosh and Wade, and you have an intriguing match-up on your hands. James has beaten the Warriors once before in the Finals, so we’d like to think that Wade and he could accomplish it together.