Tom Brady Was Asked How He Felt About Players Kneeling And His Response Was Perfect

football | 11/9/18

One of the greatest to play the sport of football has to be Tom Brady. He’s even been referred to as the greatest quarterback of all time. One thing he isn’t the best at is speaking to the media. We hardly hear what Brady thinks about topics outside of football. That changed in one of his more recent interviews, however. After he readily answered the simple questions like his relationship with his coach and retirement, someone brought up the national anthem controversies. His response was great…

Were Brady And Belichick Feuding?

Before the really controversial question was asked, reporters started with a less concerning matter. Were Tom Brady and Bill Belichick ever in a feud or even feuding at the current time?

“Um… no,” Brady said after pausing when asked if something is going on between him and Belichick. “I mean, I love him. I love that he’s an incredible coach and mentor for me. He’s pushed me in a lot of ways. Like everything, we don’t agree on absolutely everything. But that’s relationships.”