Unexpected Stars Who Led Their Team To The Super Bowl

football | 2/1/19

Tom Brady came out of nowhere in 2001, and now he’s got five Super Bowls to his name. While the veteran quarterback continues to defy the odds, other young players have taken a similar approach to carve out their legacy.

They do so by either getting to or winning the Super Bowl. While some players walk away empty handed, it’s interesting to know which stars shined in the spotlight on football’s biggest stage.

William Perry

Focus on Sport/Getty Images
Focus on Sport/Getty Images

The 1985 Chicago Bears were a powerhouse. It came as no surprise, but no one had a following quite like the “Refrigerator.” The rookie defensive tackle had five sacks during the season. In addition, Perry even had an opportunity to run the ball during Super Bowl XX.

The moment he got the ball, he was tackled for a one-yard loss while attempting to throw his first NFL pass on a halfback option play. The second time he got the ball, he scored a touchdown.