Fans Aren’t Happy With These Sports Team Owners, To Say The Least…

Trending | 6/7/18

Being a sports fan can be a tiresome journey — especially if your team isn’t doing so well. Losing, on top of the players not doing their job, is a dangerous combination. All the while you are hoping that the owner is making moves behind the scenes to improve your team. At least, that’s what a valuable owner should be doing. When you have someone in charge that doesn’t have any business leading a team, it makes them all the more hated. These owners have given their fans plenty reason to dislike them…like uprooting their team and moving to another city.

Clay Bennett And Aubrey McClendon Bring The Thunder

Photo Credit: Brett Deering/Getty Images
Photo Credit: Brett Deering/Getty Images

In 2006, the then-owner of the Seattle Supersonics sold the team to Clay Bennett and Aubrey McClendon. The two then requested more money so they could build a new arena in Seattle, even though they already knew it wouldn’t be approved.

Conveniently enough, they shifted their focus on moving the team to Oklahoma City. To make matters worse, McClendon publicly admitted that they had no intent on staying in Seattle after buying the team. The NBA fined him $250,000, and the two became enemies of Seattle.