These Female Athletes Are Dominating The Game, But You’ve Probably Never Heard Of Them

Trending | 6/7/18

Sports culture around the world tends to be dominated by male athletes. Aside from women’s tennis, golf, and maybe volleyball, female athletes rarely get the attention they deserve. Let’s be honest, showcasing female athletes once every four years during the Olympics is not good enough. The following list hopes to rectify that. You won’t believe how much Michelle Jenneke has accomplished at just 24-years-old!

Angelique Kerber Is Number One

Francois Nel/Getty Images
Francois Nel/Getty Images

Angelique Kerber is a name you’ve probably never heard despite her incredibly impressive resume. The German tennis ace was recently ranked number one in the world, earning a hefty $7.6 million in winnings. Add that her $5 million in endorsements from Adidas and Yonex and her 2017 earnings total more than $12 million. Yet somehow, despite her success, you have probably never heard of Angelique Kerber unless you are a tennis fanatic. It’s one thing to know who Venus and Serena Williams are. It’s another to know the other major players on the court. Maybe more people will start paying attention as Kerber looks to build on 2017 during the 2018 season.