Andre The Giant Lived Up To His Name

wrestling | 7/16/19

Andre the Giant was one of the greatest wrestlers to ever live. He was a global sports star who left a gargantuan mark on the world. Stories of his excess eating, drinking, and partying have become the stuff of legend. And while we remember him for his presence inside the ring, his friends remember him for the man he was when the cameras stopped rolling.

The real story of Andre the Giant is filled with humor, sadness, and incredible heart. For everything he meant to the WWE, he became the first and only inductee of the inaugural WWE Hall of Fame class! Now it’s time for us to take you behind the scenes of who Andre the Giant really was.

Scared Dogs Were Scared Of Him

andre the giant
Bettmann/Getty Images
Bettmann/Getty Images

Intimidating to look at, Andre the Giant weighed in at over seven feet tall and 500 pounds. He was so big that he even scared guard dogs.

Andre laughed when telling Sports Illustrated the story, “these two dogs were supposed to be so mean… the dog got one look at me and ran the other way as fast as could go.” It’s not hard to blame the poor dogs. Andre wasn’t just big, he looked mean, even to the toughest of creatures.