WWE Tag Teams That Climbed The Ladder To Greatness

wrestling | 6/8/18

The world of WWE is a strange and wonderful place full of strange and wonderful personalities. Sometimes, instead of fighting, those personalities team up to create tag teams.

It is in this violent world of tag team wrestling that the sport reaches its most exciting heights. Below is our list of the greatest WWE tag teams ever assembled. You won’t believe who Chris Jericho used to fight alongside!

The Mega Powers Are An Unstoppable Force

Ron Galella/WireImage
Ron Galella/WireImage

During the 1980’s no professional wrestlers were more popular than Hulk Hogan and Randy “Macho Man” Savage. Instead of forming what would have been one of the greatest rivalries at the time, the two decided to join forces and become the Mega Powers.

The Mega Powers made their official tag team debut at SummerSlam in 1998, taking on Andre the Giant and the Million Dollar Man for the title. They overcame their overwhelming opponents, as well as bias from guest referee Jesse “The Body” Ventura (a rival of the Macho Man) to take home the title. The Mega Powers blew their chance to become the greatest tag team duo of all time after Randy Savage had a sudden change of heart regarding his valet’s closeness with Hogan.